6 thoughts on “Citizenship, Civic Engagement, and Politics

  1. Jean, I bet I would love this book and your wonderful discussion in class. Isn’t it wonderful when we find something that re-energizes us…pushes onward on our path! I look forward to hearing about your volunteer activities.

    • Jean says:

      Donna, I first learned about Our Declaration when I heard Danielle Allen interviewed on the radio. I was immediately intrigued, and when one of the members of my retirees group suggested reading this book, I was quick to urge agreement. It was very enlightening to read this founding political document so carefully; and I love the kind of logical analysis that Allen does to unpack the Declaration’s argument.

  2. Diana Studer says:

    I’m sad that they have had to cancel the climate change march in Paris. Big political decisions all round.

  3. Jean R says:

    Sounds like your retirees lunch group takes on some heavy reading and has interesting discussions. The power of that book to pull you back into being more politically active than you’d planned to be in retirement says a lot about the author. For myself, I’ve spent my entire adult life in decade-long cycles where I’ll be all in to a political movement, then I’ll drop out for a break. Something always pulls me back in again…like this book did for you.

    Rachel Maddow has a promo for her show with a line in it about how democracy is messy but worth the effort to protect it. I try to remember that when I get too impatient with the non-compromisers among us. LOL I don’t view compromise as not sticking to principles because I consider the ability to compromise to be an asset and a way to move society and relationships forward.

    • Jean says:

      Jean, My retirees group is a bunch of retired academics, so we tend to prefer meatier reading. Books that turn out to be light on intellectual matter tend to be greeted with a certain amount of grumpiness.
      I love your point about compromise being a principle, which means that advocating compromise is sticking to your principles.

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