Monthly Archives: February 2016

  1. Retirement, Leisure and Quality of Life


    February 25, 2016 by Jean

    Our understanding of retirement is bound up with our understanding of leisure. The dream of retirement is the dream of …
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  2. Deja Vu


    February 17, 2016 by Jean

    I’m not a big television viewer. I’m not willing to pay for cable channels that I never watch, and because …
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  3. Mental Gardening


    February 5, 2016 by Jean

    Dreary winter days are a great time to get out into the garden of the imagination while remaining warm and …
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  4. Looking for the Goldilocks Zone


    February 1, 2016 by Jean

    The “Goldilocks Zone” is a term scientists sometimes use to describe the earth’s place in our solar system – not …
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I am Jean Potuchek, a professional sociologist who has just stepped into the next phase of my life, retirement, after more than thirty years of college teaching. This blog is about my experience of that new phase of life.

Please join me as I step into my future.

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